“She made recommendations that were obtainable with my living situation.”

Chelsey is truly beautiful inside and out. She is unique from others because of her attention to detail with my specific lifestyle. She made recommendations that were obtainable with my living situation. Not only did she make me feel 10 years younger but she also made me realize the value of making conscious decisions about what I put into my body. Instead of having pop, I have kombucha! I love my new drink and there are so many health benefits to ingesting it.

— D.P.

“My only regret is that I didn’t know Chelsey years ago.”

My only regret is that I didn’t know Chelsey years ago. She is one of the most down to earth, easy to talk to human beings you will ever meet and once you work with her there is no going back. She customizes a plan for you that you can follow easily so it’s not difficult to lead a healthier life. I am more in tune with my body than I have ever been, I am happier and I have made a new friend.

— E.P.



Chelsey was detailed and knowledgeable when reviewing my nutritional needs and habits. She helped me understand the benefits of certain vitamins and supplements that were specific to my needs. Would recommend to anyone focused on improving their health!

— B.D.



“I just have to say she was spot on.”

I would like to thank Chelsey for the optimal support and great work she has done to put together a nutritional plan for myself. She worked with myself over the months understanding my condition of having a rare cell mutation that my body doesn't break down proteins, she studied and researched what it was that I needed for my condition and I just have to say she was spot on. I would like to say thank you, you have a very bright future in a career you obviously strongly understand."

— T.S.

“You really can have your carrots and eat cake too!”

I came to Chelsey because I’ve always struggled with my weight and tried fad diets that never worked. She taught me not to follow them and to eat for my own body. Chelsey is caring and personable, I always felt comfortable confiding in Chelsey about any personal topics, going beyond my physical health and into emotional and family matters. She made me my own personalized meal plan which I thought was super cool! She always had funny little sayings at our meetings that helped me keep track and never made me feel guilty about treating myself once in a while. You really can have your carrots and eat cake too!

— S.H.


“I feel and look healthier now than I ever did before.”

I came from a past where I was taught to follow strict meal plans, calorie counting and weighing food. Because of this, it turned my relationship with food into a negative, downward spiral. Chelsey taught me her approach on the 80/20 rule and to live a little. Eat a whole foods diet 80% of the time and have some soul food 20% of the time. This made me more aware of what I was putting into my body and let me enjoy food again, just like how it should be. I feel and look healthier now than I ever did before. I really can’t thank you enough.

— K.D.

“Working with Chelsey changed my life.”

Unbelievably amazing! Working with Chelsey changed my life. I met her just over a year ago wanting to change my body and health. I lost the weight I wanted and changed my negative relationship with food. She helped me find the foods that were making me feel sick and replace them with healthier alternatives. Chelsey really made me feel like she cared about me personally. I’ve never been happier or healthier and I have much more energy now. I would 100% recommend!

— M.A.